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Doors and windows from Hungary




Our company has been striving for 17 years to provide our customers receive high-quality windows and doors and be satisfied 100% authentic.

5 Reasons which is on our side

- quality
- reliability
- 17 years of work experience 
- precision 
- flexibility

All our clients pay special attention to. We provide free advice and quotation preparation. 

Our offer price may e-mail  e-mail address.   

The showroom (3720 Sajókaza, Sajó utca 3.) You can view life-size, try the doors. 

In addition, the survey  - if required - are also free of charge! 
Plastic windows, doors, shutters, blinds, doors, window replacement, insect nets, mosquito nets

Experience how you can work with a very knowledgeable team!

Select the reliability 

Select Gal & co!



Aluplast ideal
Door panels
- Insect nets
- Window boards
- Párkányok, könyöklők
Aliplast Systems




Reduce your heating costs

Save energy with thermal insulation
Are your heating costs too high? Normally, this is in fact down to your windows, not your heating system.

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The right way to care for your windows

Tips on cleaning, looking after and ventilating your uPVC windows
Looking after the window frame

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A window...
and yet much more.

The window: The portal between inside and outside.

It provides protection while also allowing us to stay in touch with the outside world.

Windows let in natural light and, in this way, determine the ambience and atmosphere in the room.


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